Services That An Experienced Commercial Removalist Provides

Services That An Experienced Commercial Removalist Provides

A commercial move is different from a residential move. This is because commercial settings are generally larger and the types of furniture, equipment, and appliances that they have are different from a home. In case of an office move, there will be a large number of computers, peripheral equipment as well as the data centre equipment and archives that need moving.

This means, when you are hiring a Commercial Removalist for the job, you need to ensure they have the experience to handle these tasks expertly. We at MLB Removals are a premier company in the removals industry and have handled various types of commercial moves for clients across the region. Over the years we have built a very strong customer base and have catered to businesses big and small.

The Commercial Removal Process

We understand that an office move would be very different from a retail store move, and the removal plan we design will be tailored to meet the needs of the client. Our Commercial Removalist team has the skill and expertise to handle moves for various commercial establishments including small and big offices, restaurants, large corporates, retail stores and more. When we are handling these jobs, we take number of different factors into account such as:

  • As mentioned at the outset, a commercial move is generally much more complex than a residential move. We have the resources, training, experience, and skill and to handle this job reliably and efficiently.
  • We work very closely with you because we know that your commercial setting will have some specific needs. For example, if you need a data server system moved, our team will work in tandem with your technical team, to ensure that the entire packing and moving process is seamless. These types of systems and equipment are extremely sensitive and delicate, and our team recognizes that they would need special attention.
  • We use commercial grade packing supplies such as heavy-duty bubble wrap, packing peanuts, special moving boxes, tapes, labels and more. This methodical approach helps ensure that all of your items, appliances, and equipment are packed and labelled This eases the unpacking and reorganizing process for you at the new destination.
  • Our company understands that, as a business, you need to complete the move within the shortest possible time and start your business operations in the new location. This is why we can help with organizing your move over the weekend, ensuring that the removal is conducted with the least amount of disruption to your office functioning.
  • Sometimes, commercial clients also require storage facilities to store their furniture and equipment when the new location is being prepped for the move. As an expert Commercial Removalist, you can rely on us for all of the storage solutions you need. We provide secure and safe storage options so your items are safe till they are ready to be moved.

For more information, feel free to call MLB Removals at 03 8609 6033. Alternatively, send us your queries through this Contact Us form on our site. You are assured of the best commercial removalist services at all times.